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Good News Stories

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Family Fun ~ Good News Stories

Good News Stories

Jacquelynn F. of WI
I am a 3 time cancer survivor (age 10, brain tumor[Menegeoma], age 21 Uterine Cancer [discovered when I was 6 months pregnant], age 36 skin cancer), as well as a Service Connected Disabled Veteran (US Army 6 years)....I have tried to teach my kids, that nothing is so bad, that you can not over come it. Laughter goes a long way to making yourself, and those around you feel better.

Christine V. of FL
I have alot of heath problems and needed dentures so my older son paid to have them made for me. I feel blessed to have a great son like him.

Kay M. of TN
I began Weight Watchers on Dec. 28, 2006 and presently have lost nearly 130 pounds. I started at size 32 and now I can wear a size 16. Recently my baby sister, Connie, told me she wanted to celebrate my success by taking me shopping for new clothes. We left at 8 AM and spent the entire day shopping. I tried on clothes that I never imagined I could wear due to the size or pattern of them. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. My 52nd birthday was the week before so it was a fabulous belated birthday present, as well. This year for Mother's Day my husband was actually able to purchase clothing for me knowing it would fit. Nothing tastes as good as I feel about myself these days.!!!!

Esperanza D. of NM
I just want to say never settle for less and always strive to be best person you can be and accomplish great things in this life! I am a single mother to a 10 month old.....I was recently accepted into a Masters program in Bilingual/Bicultural Social Work and am beyond excited to not only make a difference in my community, but provide a financially abundant home for my son and I.

Margaret W. of TN
This true story is about my son Gabe. He had to give up his business because of expenses to keep it running. I started praying to the Lord to help my son. My husband Bud is manager of a crane company and he refused to hire Gabe because others might think he was showing favortism. One day he came home and said I am going to hire Gabe. I knew the Lord had worked thru him to get Gabe a job. I hope others reding can learn that the Lord answers our prayers in many different ways. We are all so happy today.

Ben R. of NM
I had a broken disk L2, the surgeon had me up the same day after major surgery. It has healed in less than 2 months. Sadly I now have to go BACK :) to work.

Tonya K. of FL
My daughter was taken from me at age 5 by my parents because I was a bad alcoholic. I moved to Florida to live near my daughter April 4, 2007 (the day she turned 19) with 10 years sobriety ,my car payed off, and $10,000.00 saved after working two and three jobs for years. This mothers day I went to her two year college graduation 3.8 magna cum lade. She sent me a thank you card for being at her graduation, standing beside her, and cheering her on. She said she has forgiven me and God has forgiven me so please forgive yourself.

Julie E. of FL
I teach first grade special ed and each month we have miniature ponies visit from Personal Ponies..my kids sit outside in chairs and read aloud to their "buddy". Over the months 1 child who had refused to go near the pony...started with reading far away..then closer ...then closer...this month he held the ponie's face as he read aloud to him.

Betty Lou V. of MN
My "Good News" comes in the form of a soldier, Paul. This morning he returned to Baghdad from a mission. Luck and prayers keep us going. In July he will be home and we will be married in front of our children...

* Alyssa H. of VA
My cousin, Peter, was born with a severe heart condition. The doctors told us that if he survived his first 48 hours, he wouldn't make it past his second birthday. But we refused to accept that, and Peter had open heart surgery twice in 18 months. They ended up saving his life. Today, Peter is nine years old, plays soccer, and goes to a normal school. He's a wonderful little boy.

Angela C. of PA
As I write this, there are two students from the Indiana University of PA (Michael and Dan) biking their way from Indiana, PA to Anchorage, Alaska to raise money for the American Cancer Society. That's 4,500 miles in three months! Good Luck Guys!!!

Laura E. of MS
A kind stranger gave up his seat on a flight so our son could come home from Afghanistan on leave.

Katherine L of MA
I was impressed to see a group of young boys picking up trash along the sidewalk yesterday. I had asked if they were part of an organization that is cleaning up the community. One of the boys replied that they were just walking to the store and were seeing who could pick up the most trash.

* Merri H. of WA
I woke up, took a deep breath, turned off the alarm clock and headed to work. That hasn't always been the case. Diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and undergoing treatment (and a ton of side effects) has made the past 3 years a challenge. But, today, sweet today, I can breathe freely, feel the warmth of the sun on my hungry skin, and smell the sweetness of new-mown grass. It is a good day.

* Charlotte R. of NY
Our grandson Dominick was involved in a bike/atv head-on collision and was airlifted to hospital with critical head injuries. The doctors didn't give him any hope of surviving and his parents had their priest come in to administer last rites. I refused to give up and asked all the family to go with me to the chapel, hold hands and form a prayer circle and for over an hour we recited all the prayers we knew aloud. A year later our grandson is alive and doing great! He's not totally the same as he has some minor memory issues but we'll take him any way we can! No one will ever convince me that miracles don't exist and that there isn't power in prayer. He's all the proof I need that there is a God.

Elaine M. of CO
I just started a Support Group for Graves' Disease. My grandsons (5 and 9) sold lemonaid on Sat. June 21 to raise money for their favorite charity. They presented us with $78.00 that they raised.

Christina Z. of WI
Last winter I had taken the bus to the library and while there, a huge snowstorm blanketed the landscape, and it kept on snowing! I had a knee injury but was glad I was near a bus stop, until I found that I had lost my wallet, and the library was now closed! I tried to start walking home (very far away) but was having a difficult time and I was FREEZING, but then a person walked up to me and said, "Would you like my bus transfer? I'm getting a ride home." It seemed like a miracle, and ever since that day I've always offered my bus transfer to strangers if I didn't need it myself.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story.

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