Plastic Canvas Craft - How to Instructions
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How to count or identify stitches:

Each stitch is made over the plastic where the lines of plastic cross each other (over the +). When you are counting the stitches in our patterns, count each line of plastic as one stitch except for the first outside plastic line. (see photo)

How to Stitch:

To make a stitch, bring your needle up through the hole to the left and bottom of the +.
Then send your needle back down through the hole to the right and top of the +. (see photo)

How to Stitch Cont.

Continue stitches in this manner, working from left to right until you reach the end of your row.
Next, move down to the next row and make your stitches in the same direction, only this time, stitch your row from right to left.

To Start Working a Color:

To start, bring your needle and yarn up through the first hole until there is only about 1/2" of yarn left under the plastic canvas. Hold that "tail" of yarn under the canvas in the direction that you will be stitching. As you stitch the first few stitches, make sure to catch the "tail" of yarn in the underside stitches.

To End Working a Color:

To finish with a color or piece of yarn simply flip your canvas over to see the wrong side of the project and send your needle under several underside stitches. Cut yarn off.

Working with the Patterns:
To follow the patterns, stitch the object first, then stitch the background color last.

Count the stitches on the pattern to find out where your start location should be. Then count on the plastic canvas to find you start location.

Our patterns show the stitches in the actual colors for all objects. Fill in all background with the color shown on the outline stitches of the pattern.

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© Copyright 2004 by AOK Corral Craft and Gift Bazaar.  All rights reserved.
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