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Just wrap my handcrafted, brightly colored 100% nylon, velcro secured That's Mine! IDwrap around your luggage handle or strap and you'll be able to spot them from the other side of the carousel! Great for school backpacks and briefcases, too! A write-on ID information tag is securely sewn on the inside in case of loss. These washable IDwraps will give you years of service and would make wonderful, practical gifts for all your friends and family!

That’s Mine! IDwrap™
My IDwrap is made of washable, brightly colored nylon. With its velcro closure, it can be securely wrapped around handles, straps, etc. to easily identify your luggage, briefcase or backpack. A write-on ID tag is sewn into the inside of IDwrap. Dimensions: 4 1/2" x 5 3/4".

5.95 each

Available Colors

That’s Mine! IDwrap™ - 5 for just $25.95 !
Save by purchasing five IDwraps.
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Available Colors

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