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How to Chain

Learn how to chain with this beginner's guide to crochet basics. Great pictures with instructions show you how to chain.

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How to Crochet a Scarf - Beginner

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Crochet Instructions: How to "Chain"
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Create a slip knot about 3 inches from the end of the yarn as shown in these photos.

The 3 inches are the "yarn end", the other yarn that you will be crocheting with is the "working yarn".


Step 1.
Place the loop onto one of your needles and tighten.

Step 2.
Hold the crochet hook in your right hand and position the working yarn through your left hand as shown and then clasp your hand together lightly. This hold will allow the yarn to flow through your fingers freely as you work but to also create a tightness in the working yarn at the place you are working. This tightness is called "tension".


Step 3.
Continue to hold the hook and the working yarn as instructed. Additionally, take hold of the tail end of yarn (or of the work you have already done) with your thumb and middle finger. This helps to hold the work steady while you crochet. (see photo)

Step 4.
Hold the yarn still and send your crochet hook under the working yarn from the front to the back. The yarn is now over the crochet hook. This is called "yarn over" or YO. Another way this can be done is to move the yarn over your hook from the back to the front.


Step 5.
Begin to pull back on the crochet hook and let the hook catch the working yarn.

Step 6.
Continue to pull the hook with the yarn in it all the way through the loop that is already on the hook. You have just made one "chain".


Step 7.
Repeat Step 4 -6 again for each "chain" that you want to add. At anytime you can count how many chains you have by counting the chain edges as shown in the photo.

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