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Black Eyed Susan

Flower Patterns and Painting Instructions

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How To Projects > Painting > Black Eyed Susan Painting

Flower Patterns Project - Black Eyed Susan Painting Instructions
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Paint Colors Needed:
  • Shamrock / Leaf Green
  • Forest Green
  • Regular Brown
  • Canary Yellow
  • Pumpkin Orange
  • Clay Orange
  • Black
Use Acrylic Craft Paint in these colors to mix up shades used in the painting of these flowers as instructed below.

(*Note: Depending on the brand of paint you buy, the name may vary, look for a color that fits the description in the name.)

Paint By Letter Guide & Paint Mixing Instructions:
For each "part" use an equal measure such as one drop from the bottle equaling "1 part" and 4 drops equaling "4 parts" etc...

E - Leaves & Stem
4 parts leaf green
1 part regular brown
1 part forest green

Shaded Areas on Petals
7 parts canary yellow
1 part pumpkin orange
1 part clay orange

L - Petals
10 parts canary yellow
1 part clay orange

D - Flower Centers
3 parts regular brown
1 part black

Pollen Dots
Same as color for L

Flower Painting Instructions:
Paint parts in the order given here for best results and use the color chart above to mix the colors correctly for each part.

  1. Paint the stems and leaves. (marked E)
  2. Paint the shaded areas on the petals with the "shaded area" color.
  3. Paint the unshaded areas on the petals. (marked L)
  4. Paint the flower centers. (marked D)
  5. Lastly, dot the pollen specks.

© Copyright 2007 by AOK Corral Craft and Gift Bazaar.  All rights reserved.

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