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Woodburning Patterns

If you are looking for woodburning patterns for your next project, you will want to look through our selection of unique woodburning patterns.

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Woodburning is the art of carefully burning designs into wood much like an artist would draw on paper with a pencil. Most wood burning is done with a tool that is held like a pencil but has a metal tip that becomes very hot when heated. When the tool makes contact with wood, it burns the wood. The user can add a variety of texture or shading by controlling the amount of pressure applied on the tool or by controlling the speed with which they move the tool across the wood. Wood burning is a great way to add a beautiful, rustic look to any wood project.

Woodburning Patterns

Wolf Patterns for Woodburning

Enjoy using this collection of 4 wolf patterns, each design in multiple sizes. Great for making gifts for the wolf collector.

Wildlife Patterns for Woodburning #2

A great woodburning pattern set for the hunter or wildlife enthusiast. Buck pattern is available in link to follow.

Wildlife Patterns for Woodburning

These woodburning patterns are great for the hunter, fisherman, or wildlife enthusiast. Doe pattern is available in previous link.

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