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Wood Crafts

If you are looking for wood craft projects, you will want to look through our selection of unique wood projects, patterns, and ideas.

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Wood Crafts cover a wide variety of craft projects because so many things can be made using wood. Most wood crafts require some use of wood tools like a saw, drill, or hammer. Our wood crafts use standard size wood pieces and wood dowels whenever possible for easier cutting. All of these wood craft projects are unique, original designs by AOK Corral. Enjoy looking through the wood projects and making something new.

Wood Crafts

Wooden Pull Toys

Cute old fashioned pull toy you can make. Choose from our pull toy dog or our pull toy horse.

Wooden Wagon Planter

This rustic wooden wagon planter craft starts with a pre-made crate and can be made for indoors or outdoor use.

Herb Garden Window Box

Make this herb garden window box with wood, stain and varnish it for a very beautiful inside herb garden window box.

Wooden Trains

These wooden trains are fun to make and very cute. Real moving wheels and hooks so trains can be connected and disconnected during play.

Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

Learn how to make these cute wooden reindeer ornaments for Christmas.

Wooden Desktop Pencil Holder

Wooden Desktop Pen & Pencil Holder is an easy wood craft to make and a nice gift for dad or grandpa.

Wood Garden Signs

A decorative craft project idea for making wooden signs for your garden. Make signs for all your crops.

Wooden Bird Feeder Plans

Make this wooden bird feeder that looks like a cute birdhouse but is a suet bird feeder instead. Easy to make with our free bird feeder plans.

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