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Cloth Doll Patterns

If you are looking for patterns to make cloth dolls, you will want to look through our fun and unique selection of cloth doll patterns.

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Cloth Dolls can be made in a variety of ways and with many different fabrics. Some of the most common fabrics for cloth dolls are muslin or cotton. Many cloth doll animals are made with fleece or imitation fur fabrics. Doll arms and legs can be part of the doll pattern or, for more flexibility, put on separately by sewing or with joint attachments. One of the great things about cloth doll making is the opportunity to make your doll with its own unique personality. By using different products or stitchery for the hair, eyes, mouth, or other accessories, you can really make your cloth doll something unique and special.

Cloth Doll Patterns

Rag Doll Patterns

Make a rag doll and her clothes with our cute rag doll pattern with accessories.

Stuffed Chicken Patterns

Our stuffed chicken patterns are made using regular cotton fabric and can be a standing rooster or laying hen.

Cat Doll Pattern

This pattern makes a fun and lovable cat doll. Our stuffed cat is easy to make in all kinds of colors and cloth types.

Frog Doll Patterns

Make these adorable stuffed frogs with our patterns. The larger frog doll pattern is made with bendable arms and legs so you can put him in cute poses.

Stuffed Dog Doll Pattern

This pattern makes a sweet cuddly stuffed dog doll. Includes a pattern for a cute dog coat for him.

Penguin Doll Pattern

Our penguin doll pattern makes a penguin that has the option of becoming a write-on and wipe-off doll for your child.

Gingerbread Cloth Dolls

Small cloth doll patterns for gingerbread boy and girl. Great doll set to make for Christmas decorations.

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