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Hand Embroidery Patterns

Whether you know how to embroider or if you do not, we have instructions for hand embroidery as well as a nice selection of hand embroidery patterns for your next stitching project.

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Hand Embroidery is a craft that has been enjoyed since ancient times. It is the art of stitching colorful thread onto fabric to create all kinds of designs, patterns, and pictures. Embroidery can be done on many different kinds of fabric; however, it is most commonly done on cottons or linens. Today’s best known embroidery thread is called “embroidery floss”. Embroidery floss comes in a very large assortment of colors which gives the stitcher a wonderful palate for creating their embroidered designs. By combining different embroidery stitches throughout the design, the stitcher can create a unique look and feel. Hand embroidery is a very versatile craft because you can use almost any drawing as a pattern for stitching. You can stitch the outline of a drawing with a simple line stitch, or you can stitch a colorful piece of art with shaded and textured stitches.

Hand Embroidery Patterns

How to Embroider for Beginners

Learn how to do hand embroidery with our beginner instructions. Includes detailed embroidery tutorial with photos and a simple embroidery design to get your started.

Cat Embroidery Patterns

Adorable set of three cat embroidery patterns to stitch onto a quilt, pillowcase or other embroidery stitching project.

Redwork Embroidery Farm Animals

Stitch these farm animal designs with our redwork embroidery patterns. Designs include free rabbit in garden design, also available, chickens, rooster and cow.

Flower Patterns to Stitch

Stitch some beautiful flowers with our flower pattern collection. Great designs to stitch or paint.

Fall Table Linens Embroidery

Embroidery patterns for your fall or thanksgiving table linens that will add a touch of handmade to your thanksgiving table setting.

Sweetheart Embroidery & Frame

Simple hand embroidery pattern of boy and girl in love. Framed in a handmade fabric frame that you can make with our project instructions.

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