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Christmas Village

Make a Christmas Village with our plastic canvas Christmas village patterns.

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Christmas Village

Plastic Canvas Christmas Village Patterns
November 2012

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Materials Needed:

This project assumes that you know how to do basic stitches on plastic canvas. If you need help... Learn How to stitch on Plastic Canvas - Click Here

Cut out the pieces:

  • Front, Back, Sides, Bell Tower, and Steeple: Cut all the pieces as shown by the solid lines on each graph pattern.
  • Roof: Cut 2 pieces that are 37 squares by 23 squares.
  • Nativity: Cut 2 of the nativity pattern piece as shown by the solid lines, one will be for back and one for the front. When put together, it will stand like an A framed sign.

Yarn Colors: All colors used are regular yarns by "Red Heart" or "Caron". See chart on patterns page for color code.
Church: White, honey gold, soft yellow, real teal, grey heather, coffee, café.
Nativity: Coffee, soft yellow, honey gold, real teal, carrot, country blue, white, café.

Assembling the building:

  1. Use the yarn color specified for the building you are putting together when joining the pieces.
  2. Line up the holes along the sides of two pieces that are to be joined together.
  3. As you begin, secure the end of the yarn by sliding it under several stitches on the back of one of your pieces and near the corner where you will begin.
  4. Start at one corner hole and bring your needle through from the wrong side.
  5. Next, go through the adjacent hole in the other piece from the right side through to the wrong side.
  6. Continue joining the piece by looping through each pair of holes in this manner. Secure the end of the yarn as you do when stitching.
  7. Stitch all the pieces together in this way.

Finishing the edges:

  1. Use the yarn color specified for the piece you are finishing.
  2. As you begin, secure the end of the yarn by sliding it under several stitches on the back of one of your pieces and near the edge where you will start.
  3. Send your needle through one of the holes along the edge from the wrong side.
  4. Next, bring your needle and yarn around the edge and back to the wrong side of the next square and send it through again.
  5. Continue looping through all the squares this way. This is called the overcast stitch.
  6. When you reach a corner, loop the yarn through the corner square two or three times to cover the corner.

Tips: For jagged or angled edges:

  • Follow directions for finishing edges and loop a stitch through each complete square that is connected to the edge.
  • Additionally at each square corner that protrudes from the piece, loop the yarn through the square at least two times for better coverage.

Additional Specific Instructions:

  • After stitching the church walls together, overcast stitch all around the top edges of the building with white.
  • After assembling the church bell tower, overcast stitch both the top and bottom edges of the tower with white.
  • Overcast stitch all edges of the steeple pieces with grey.
  • Stitch the two roof pieces together along the 37 square lengths. Then overcast stitch the entire edge of the roof all around with grey.
  • Stitch the back piece for the nativity with the basic half cross stitch in coffee brown.
  • Stitch the front and back pieces of the nativity stand together at the top edge. Then overcast stitch around the edges of the nativity stand all around with coffee brown.

Make this Christmas Village Church and Nativity to decorate your home for Christmas. Or, Make the whole village with our pattern set available through the link below.

© Copyright 2012 by AOK Corral Craft and Gift Bazaar.  All rights reserved.


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