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Plant Bug Screens

Make a bug screens for your potted organic vegetable garden.

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How To Projects ~ Easy Craft Projects ~ Plant Bug Screen

Plant Bug Screen

Make a Plant Bug Screen
Pest Free Organic Vegetables
May 2015

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Materials Needed:
  • Tulle Fabric: Approx. 2 yards per screen (54" wide fabric)
  • Cotton Fabric: Approx. 1/4 yard per screen (44 in wide fabric)
  • Medium Cord - 3mm: Approx. 4 yards per screen
  • 1 large safety pin
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter with board and ruler
  • Sewing machine w/thread
  • 3 or 4 Wooden stakes; stakes with wide end surfaces work best
  • Plant pots: Approx. 15" to 18" diameter

Cutting the pieces:

  • Measure the circumference of the widest point of your pot and add 5 inches. This will be the length of tulle fabric you need for your screen. Our pot was 55 around the widest point. 55 + 5 = 60.
  • Cut a piece of tulle 60 long (or whatever measurement you came up with in the previous step).
  • Now measure the other direction for the height of your screen: Cut the piece to 50 for 4 stakes, 38 for 3 stakes, or 26 for 2 stakes. Your final piece will measure 60 x 50 for 4 stakes, 60 x 38 for 3 stakes, or 60 x 26 for 2 stakes.
  • Next you will cut strips of fabric for the top and bottom cinch casings. Each final strip will need to measure 1 less than the length of your tulle. In our example, the length is 60 so the strip will need to be 59.
  • Cut several 2 wide strips and sew them together as needed so that each finished strip is the length you need. Be sure to trim off any extra seam allowance after sewing the pieces together so the cord can easily slide through the casing.

Make the casings:

  • Fold and press each strip in half along the entire strip length.
  • Find the long edge of the piece of tulle, in our example, 60 length. Open the folded fabric strip and put the tulle inside with the edge all the way to the fold.
  • Adjust the end so that of the tulle fabric extends out beyond the fabric strip.

  • Fold the fabric strip back together over the tulle and pin into place all the way down the strip.
  • Stitch through all thickness from the open fabric edges.
  • Repeat on the other end of the screen.

Add the top cover:

  • Cut a piece of tulle measuring 12 x 18.
  • Center the 12 length of the piece along the top fabric casing with extending below the seam line of the casing, and the bulk of the piece extending out away from the top casing.
  • Stitch the piece to the casing along the previous seam line.

Finish the plant screen:

  • Fold the screen in half the other direction so that both unfinished edges line up.
  • Being careful not to stitch the fabric casing on either end of the tulle, stitch the edges together with a seam allowance.
  • Cut a piece of cord measuring 12 longer than the length of your casing. 59 + 12 = 71.
  • Tie one end to a large safety pin.
  • Send the safety pin and cord through the casing, pulling back the casing as you go, being careful not to pull the other end of the cord into the casing.
  • Even the ends out and remove the safety pin.
  • Repeat with the other casing.

You are now ready to put your veggie cover over your potted plant. The top of the cover is the side that has the 12 square on top. Clasp all of your cover together from top to bottom and place it over your pot. Put your stakes around the edge of the pot. Carefully pull up the top edge of your veggie cover until you can rest it above the stakes. (You may have to do a little at a time going around in a circle until you reach the top of the stakes.) Before adjusting the top, cinch the bottom cord to the pot and tie securely. Now pull the top above the stakes evenly and cinch the cord together as much as possible. Tie a simple tie if you wish. Let it fall onto the stakes and pull the 12 square over the opening in the top to cover.

Make several to enjoy broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, or any other pest prone vegetables, organic and pest free!

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